Before Game of Thrones, there was Excalibur

A nostalgic look at the 1981 fantasy blockbuster, “Excalibur,” that launched the careers of some of the UK’s most successful actors.

When you think of HBO’s Game of Thrones, what comes to mind? Probably gloriously epic fantasy battles, creepy magic, sexually seductive witches with prolonged lifespans, amazing scores, a plethora of UK accents, magic swords, ageless wizards, political machinations, and titillating sex scenes.

But what if I told you that almost 30 years to the day before Game of Thrones premiered on TV, there was a movie that had all those same elements?

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A story of a poor, dumb American filmmaker shooting abroad

A funny anecdote about my first filmmaking assignment in another country. A valuable lesson for pro filmmakers shooting abroad.

Or, what NOT to say to a customs agent when doing freelance work abroad

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